Physically Damaged Hard Drive

Hard Disk Data Recovery

If access can’t be made to the hard drive, we test the individual components and analyze in detail whether the problem could be physical. Hard Disk Data Recovery can mean that damaged parts such as read / write head, pressure plate and motor must be replaced in our clean room. In most cases, the repair process implies a hard drive to restore the data by the Low-level data are examined. Furthermore, we investigate which problems in the structures of the file system need to be overcome to accessing the logical data.

The recovery process of your hard disk is performed on a so called clone. That means that we manufacture a completely identical copy of your hard disk by cloning the individual sectors. In this way, take no more extra damage your hard drive. Under normal circumstances, we take between 3 to 5 days for recovery. In special cases, it may take a little longer, then mainly when appropriate Replacement parts must be sought.

The repair of a hard drive…

Should be made mandatory in a clean room for physical damage. Therefore we use when exchanging hard disk parts always our clean boxes. The data recovery of a hard disk is only the first step in the process to the total recovery of your data. Then corrupt data needs to be repaired and tested. Of course you get before our diagnostic report in which all measures to restore your data are presented. Only then will start to work on your hard drive (hard disk). Having completed our analysis we will contact you in connection.

Only after your approval is received by us, our technicians start work. The recovered data you get on a medium of choice. Data can be returned depending on the size on disk, CD-ROM or DVD.

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