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MPD has met my concern, the rescue of all the data on my hard drive after a physical defect with fast and competent execution, to my complete satisfaction. I am very happy to recommend the company. MPD was recommended to me by Steg Computer in St. Gallen. Again many Thanks for saving my data.


Good evening,

Scardanzan Mauro Certified Financial IAF: MPD had my concerns, and fulfilled in this case, data recovery of a final year work of my daughter, with its proper and timely execution competent to my full satisfaction. I am very happy to recommend the company. MPD was also recommended to me by a leading computer & electronic company.


Scardanzan Mauro

SWISS LIFE: Matura Work Saved!

The action was carried out professionally, all user data could be restored, the agreed timetable could be met. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the simple and quick support and for expert advice.


Well, what could I do? I informed myself on the Internet, how I could get these data. Randomly I came across the page of MPD-Datenrettung and put me in contact with them. Soon I was able to send by post my `corrupted` external hard drive in a package (well packed). A few days later I had the analysis report in my mailbox. Based on this report, I saw that possibility existed to save my data.

Furthermore, the data recovery was made. After a few days a huge list was sent to me, who showed me my data recovered. Soon I was able to take the data in reception!

I can really recommend the MPD-Datenrettung: the good work, the prompt replies, fast acting, just great!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your great work and your kindness uncomplicated.

J. Graber: What? What? My External Hard Drive is NOT Responding more. all Pictures way. all Documents way.

All photos and countless worksheets for vocational school of my daughter seemed due to a defective hard disk already lost. MPD was able to restore the we have already lost data without a gaps. As a layman in the computer business we have the support and advice perceived as very knowledgeable and friendly and us was submitted a fair offer for the recovery of the data.

The company MPD, we therefore recommend you and will thank you for the uncomplicated and yet professional support. A.C.

Anita Cadurisch: Photos and Worksheets of My Daughter Saved


There he was, the “Take of my life”!The director exasperated. the cameraman is shining and I can not believe what just happened! We are on Musikvideoset to Müslüm `s new song” Süper vitamin (Youtube-Video). All gather in front of the camera around again briefly to look at “the Take”. And actually, something magical I could never hold on to picture. Now we just need to carry the camera memory card to the card reader to save the data so on the Mac. Sure, everything is perfect! And suddenly, all the data is gone! It is as if I had won the lottery and then lost the lottery ticket on the way to redemption! Terrible! The atmosphere on the set is at zero. Shortly before Spinning Point Of so the incredible happened. We had given up all hope, and I had sleepless nights because I could not believe that we have the “take of my life” deleted. In my despair I went through every scenario, but again my hopes were destroyed. Let’s be honest, who wants me ever conjure these “take” back on my memory card? Then I pushed randomly on the internet to the page It was clear that we had the data not only deleted from the memory card, but the card had been playing over again. so I gave the whole thing no chance. But hope springs eternal and so I turned to an employee of the MPD Institute. Within a short time I received an analysis with a proposed solution. And then barely 48 hours later had “Take of my life” back. Miraculous! We are excited and Müslüm too!

In love Daine Birüder Müslüm!

Hotline: 0800 14 5005

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