HDD repair

The fine mechanical disk repair (eg. Replacing a electrical component), restoring a damaged partition table or restore a broken firmware are just a few examples of our services for you.

EThere is already the most curious cases in which we repair the disk (hard disk) successfully:

If you are mistakenly assumed to have diligently created a backup of the data, but finds out in the first case of an emergency, that the backup is always done in the same hard disk that contains the data itself. If no more boot up the hard drive for only a short power failure and can no longer access the data.

When repairing hard drive, be aware. The hard disk has a very sensitive read head of a strong shock does not survive, especially in operation. If the magnetic disk that contains all the data stored on the hard drive, scratch (in the worst case)is the area of the magnetic disk, which had an unpleasant encounter with the read head, finally lost. The majority cases in which we repair the disk are caused by operator error. It is even in a water damage, the worst is the pollution afterwards generally possible to repair the disk. As well feared: For example, if to repair the disk in an office after an electrical fire.

The best is therefore always be careful with a computer that is currently in operation. And if you have the impression that the hard drive will be repaired and the data will be saved, then you should quickly consult a professional. We strongly encourage you to turn off the computer and nothing new if possible to save on the hard disk. If such a defective disk we receive, we first check for free if we can repair the disk for data recovery. Should be possible to repair a disk, you will receive a so called file-list that contains all the data and files that are to be rescues.

We repair your hard drive for a short time, to access the data, that are too rescues. Unfortunately, a long-term repairing the hard disk is not possible for us. You can download the data from the hard disk that we repair, get on a Pawn hard drive. You copy the data to a new hard drive and so far everything is in the same state as before the occurrence of the hard disk crash.

Our service for you: Your satisfaction is our top priority, so we are available to you at the toll free emergency data recovery service hotline 0715655005, which guarantees you individual, comprehensive consultation and answer your questions for you during business hours between 8:30 o’clock till 17:00 o’clock.

Hotline: 0800 14 5005

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