Physical damage to the hard disk

When physical damage to the disk, we have to determine first of all what exactly was damaged. If this is followed by a clear manipulation process in which damaged parts are replaced by identical.

Caution is always better to be safe than sorry. Prepare yourself in case of data loss before and You create a personal recovery plan. You make regular back-ups. Store them in another safe place. Check them essential that the back-up works as well and you can restore the system state in which everything is running correctly.


HDD recovery is possible by exchanging the damaged hard drive components.

If your hard drive make ticking or other strange noises is to be assumed that this is a defective part. This is a fairly frequently encountered problem. When the read- and write heads are defective, we recommend not to use the hard drive. Problems of this kind are most often caused by physical damage such as fall or bumping. Even if a power failure occurs as the cause in question. Often causing hard drives with a sector damage a read-write crash.


Damaged hard disk repair can mean items such as read-write head, plate or engine must be replaced in our clean room.

In most cases, the repair process involves to a hard disk, restoring the data by using the low-level data are investigated. Furthermore, we investigate what problems need to be overcome in the structures of the file system to gain access to the logical data.

The recovery process of your hard disk will performing on a so-called clone. That means we make a completely identical copy of your hard drive in which we clone the individual sectors. In this way, your hard drive takes no extra damage more. Under normal circumstances, we need 3-5 days for recovery. In special cases, it may take a little longer, especially if will need to find suitable replacement parts.

The repair of a hard drive

For physical damage repairs should be made mandatory in a clean room. Therefore we use when replacing hard drive parts always our clean-boxes.

Data recovery of a hard drive is just the first phase in the the total process of restoring your data. After corrupt data must be checked and repaired. Previously, you naturally receive our diagnostic report in which all measures to restore your data are listed. Only then will start working on your hard drive (hard disk).

After completing our analysis, we will contact you in conjunction.

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