Restore Files

Through our data recovery service or data recovery deleted and damaged data can be restored on data media.

If your hard drive make Ticking or other strange noises can be assumed that this is is a defective part. This is a fairly common problem. When the tape heads are defective, we recommend no longer to use the hard drive. Problems of this kind will be most often caused by physical damage such as fall or jolt. Even a power failure occurs as the cause in question. Disks with a sector damage, often cause a Head Crash.

Data Recovery Service

1. The Diagnosis

For a complete diagnosis, it is necessary to analyze your hard disk.After finding the problem you will be offered various options. You get detailed information about the Diagnostic offer. With the completion of problem diagnosis you get a detailed diagnostic report.

2. The Diagnostic report

In our diagnostic report contains information on

the problems that we have discovered on your hard drive.the expected duration of the recovery of your data. the cost estimate.

3. The data recovery

The examination we carried out your hard drive in a clean room and thus meet the highest purity requirements when handling electronic devices. any damaged parts are replaced with identical new ones.

4. The file list

To ensure that all for you relevant and important information It have been rescued, a detailed list of all recovered data will be sent to you by us. We ask you to keep look through carefully. If the files do not exist, we will charge you for this, of course, no restoration costs.

5. The data return

After your review of the file list and the award of the contract We will send you an invoice. After receipt of payment you will be promptly delivered by courier to the address of your choice your files.

Hotline: 0800 14 5005

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