Data Recovery in Switzerland

Data recovery from the specialist. MPDDatenrettung provides a great service for hard drive recovery and data recovery of all media and operating systems.

The restoration of data may be performed both via the software and the hardware. However, the presence of a recovery specialist is needed for both methods. Free advice for data recovery Please select +41 (0) 71 565 50 05!

Logical damage Hard Drive

In logical damage your hard drive will be handled quickly and professionally in our clean room.

Sectors of your hard drive will be made??. After the production of defective sectors, all sectors are read separately, and your data will be copied.

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Physical damage Hard Drive

When physical damage to the disk, we first need to determine what exactly was damaged.

If that is clear, will follow a manipulation process in which damaged parts are replaced by identical.

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Data recovery service

Most users and some experts are still thinking the lost data is lost forever. No chance they ever be able to produce again. Most of the information on data recovery are usually slightly rather opaque. Therefore, it is difficult to understand exactly. This is probably also the reason that the recovery of lost data is often regarded as confusing and incomprehensible process.

MPD Festplatte Datenrettung of us is consciously the importance of their personal and business data for you. Particularly companies for what such data may be existential, because this dependent on the daily work, we offer fast and professional help. Use our Contact via direct advice.

Data recovery

Data Recovery is one of the more difficult tasks. Because by your frequent use data are usually distributed across multiple directories. Therefore, it is important for us to have as much information as possible about the lost files. For example, the format (*. Jpeg, *. Tif, *. Gif, *. Doc, *. Xls, etc.). Nevertheless, there is a risk that even if we have restored your images, this may be too damaged to reconstruct it completely.

Immediately take advantage of our free problem diagnosis. Let our technicians diagnose your hard drive to create. In this way, we can determine exactly where the problem lies and how we can help you most efficiently. Of course, you will receive a detailed estimate of the costs you can see all susceptible.

What Our Clients Say

“The action was carried out professionally, all user data could be restored, the agreed timetable could be met. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the simple and quick support and for expert advice.“

Datenrettung Kevin Müller

Kevin Müller