Maxtor data recovery

Maxtor was founded in 1982 in California by two former employees of IBM. In the early 2000’s, it was the third largest manufacturer of computer hard disk drives. Their first product was sold a year after the founding, and they were able to negotiate offshore manufacturing in Singapore almost immediately. Their first drives used 8 disks and had a capacity of 140 MB, far less than we are used to today. In 1990 they purchased MiniScribe; unfortunately they had issues with the quality of their designs and were forced to completely redesign them. After financial trouble in 1992, they were forced to sell their drive business to Sequel, and closed their establishment in San Jose. In 2000, they acquired Quantum’s hard drive business and jumped back into the industry. They began creating external hard disk drives, but shortly after in 2005 the decision was made to discontinue it. They continued producing their OneTouch USB drive line, which backed up a computers entire system with a single button.
In 2006 though, Seagate purchased the entirety of Maxtor, and it is now a subsidiary of the much larger corporation.

Maxtor Products we work with include, but are not limited to:

  • Maxtor OneTouch & OneTouch Plus Series
  • Maxtor OneTouch Mini Series
  • Maxtor DiamondMax & DiamondMax Plus Series
  • Maxtor Atlas Series
  • Maxtor MaXLine Series
  • Maxtor Fireball Series
  • Maxtor Basics Series
  • Maxtor BlackArmor Series
  • Maxtor Share Storage Series
  • Maxtor Fusion Series

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