hard drive makes a repeated clicking sound

Hard drive makes unusual noise

The hard drive is overturned, has bearing damages or circumstances or the cause is unknown. The hard drive is started and there is a strange noise like a clicking, grinding or scratching, perhaps even all together. Then there is physical damage to the hard disk.

By defective read and write heads no more data can be read and recognized. Itself attempts to save the data can cause more damage to the hard disk. The print heads scrape by unnecessary repeated attempts on the hard disk the data off and it is increasingly difficult to save the data. In your interests, we advise against it to open yourself to disk. Leave it to our professionals in the clean room. Because even the smallest dust particles on the disk can cause damage.

The technicians manipulate the hard drive and the hard drive is temporarily cloned. Thus, guarantees included in further experiments, the hard disk will not receive additional damage. Then the data will be rescued on the clone. Our technicians are widely the most qualified and our success rate shows that your hard disk is with us in the best hands