Datarecovery SSD

Data Recovery Solid State Drives (SSDs)

Data recovery from Solid State Drives (SSDs) is not quite as easy as from hard drives.

With an SSD, data recovery is much more difficult. This is due to their functioning.

An SSD works differently from a hard drive: files are basically fragmented, data remains of deleted files are automatically erradiert and then there is also the SSD hard disk with self-encryption. All these factors have an impact on data recovery.

The SSD controller stores data similar to a RAID system.

The data are distributed evenly distributed on the flash memory within small cells. This technique has the result that each file is fragmented and crosses over many memory blocks, making the data recovery difficult.

With an SSD, it is not possible to replace mechanical components like a hard disk. At best, one can only replace the controller. The new controller can not read the data, because only the defective controller knows. Instead, professional data recorders can be put together like a puzzle in a big amount of time.

Data Recovery SSD

In the SSD’s, there are a lot of manufacturers of memory chips and controllers, which results in different combinations. And to that comes the manufacturers various firmware versions have programmed.

This means that there are no standard configurations and no restoration method can be applied to the other.

If there is a loss of data, you should refrain from saving the data yourself.

We recommend that you consult the data recovery specialist in MPD data recovery.

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