Do you suspect a loss of data?

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Do you suspect a loss of data? Then reconstruct and record your last steps, as this information can be crucial for the fastest possible resolution of your problem. Please do not try to solve the problem yourself, as this only increases the problem.

Data recovery

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Data recovery Data recovery can be performed using software or hardware. For both methods, however, a recovery specialist is needed, which you can contact us for a free consultation under the number +41 (0) 715 655 005. Stubbornly the opinion is held among most users as well as among some experts that lost data, irrespective … Read More

Hard drive crash

What is a hard disk crash? crash the hard disk means, if the hard disk suddenly stops working or makes strange noises. The cause of a crash is mostly on the hardware of the hard disk. (The hardware is the part of the hard disk, which can be touched) Possible causes are: overheating of the … Read More

MPD data recovery ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified

MPD Data Retention can be proudly certified as ISO 27001 in the category Information Security Management Systems and in ISO 9001 in the category Quality Management Standards. You can enter the certificate number under the following link to view the certificates:

Hard Drive Recovery

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Hard Drive Recovery Even with a damaged hard disk, there is still the possibility of a hard disk drive recovery. The data on your hard disk can still be restored by our abled specialists. This happens in a professional clean room and modern technical resources. The recovery process is structured into several phases. First, an … Read More